It pays to do your research

Which drivetrain to choose, so many choices, 4-cyl? 6-cyl? NA? Turbo?
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It pays to do your research

Post by Midlana1 » 08 Jun 2020, 14:01

There's a thread over on the Grassroots Forum ( ... 337/page1/) regarding how a certain Hyundai has a stability system that apparently cannot be disabled. It has frustrated the drivers to no end, as it's active even when "disabled" per the manual.

This is yet another example of becoming familiar with the quirks and features of a drivetrain under consideration. Yes, aftermarket mods may allow it to be disabled, but find out first. It would be a shame to engineer it into your car only to have it (figuratively) kick you in the nuts whenever you try to have some fun!

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Re: It pays to do your research

Post by Drakito » 09 Jun 2020, 05:23

Per the Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS), no normal vehicle made after 2019 can have the stability system completely disabled, it can be turned down, but the standard OEM switch that "turns it off", only turns it down. All cars, light trucks, and buses had to have ESC by 2012. Lots of vehicles have no option to even turn it down. My old 07 Dodge charger when you hit the traction control button to off, only cut to 50%. If you held it down for 30 seconds right after starting the engine you could turn it down to about 15%. Off was impossible. At 15% I could light the tires off and could slip it out sideways to about a 45-47* angle before it would kick in and straighten the car. On full I couldn't do any of that. My current Ford Explorer ecoboost AWD has no switch at all to disable it. Lots of tuners can disable it on lots of cars, but not all. I know HP Tuners, and EFILive can turn it off for real as part of the tuning process.

Special interest vehicles currently still have the option to disable it for track modes. Corvettes, special versions of Challengers(SRT, Hellcat, Demon), Mustangs(GT350, GT500), 1LE Camaro's, The GT86/FRS, and some other track cars as well as specialty built vehicles like limited production run exotics, kit cars, and homemade. Can you imagine if they mandated it for every car ever made? It would be insanity.

FMVSS rule 126.
Federal law 49 CFR Parts 571; 585126
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