Fuel tank

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Re: Fuel tank

Post by Midlana1 » 22 Aug 2009, 10:11

One data point is Fuel-Safe, $2200 for a full-custom cell and can... that's why I include plans to make your own. You could compromise and make your own can, then buy the cell itself from them.

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Re: Fuel tank

Post by polyglot » 03 Apr 2021, 04:30

Piling in here with a reply a decade late :) but there are cheaper options for fuel cells than FuelSafe, which I presume (due to the presence of a flexible bladder) will still be more resilient to rupture+spillage in a crash than a welded box.

For example:
https://www.summitracing.com/search/par ... ic-bladder

I think you can even buy just a bladder from some brands and put it in your own casing.

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