QA1 Shock Clones

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QA1 Shock Clones

Post by HydroJim » 26 Nov 2019, 08:27

I don't have proof, but looking at the specs & pictures, it seems like the Jegs and Summit Racing branded shocks are the same as the QA1s specified in the book and used by most builders here. Summit, Jegs, and QA1 all claim the shocks are made in the USA. Maybe the Jegs & Summit Racing shocks are built in the same factory as the QA1s? Perhaps they are the rejects that don't pass QA1s quality standards but are still good enough for practical use?

The only difference I can see is the spherical bearings on the Jegs and Summit Racing shocks have a teflon(PTFE)/Kevlar outer race instead of being a steel/steel spherical bearing like the QA1s. I'm not sure if that will make any noticeable difference in performance. But, these can be replaced with all steel bearings and you'll still come out ahead.

I'm not sure how warranty support, build quality, and quality assurance will compare. Also, not sure if QA1 authorized rebuilders would rebuild these shocks?

Is the risk worth the lower price? Approximately $240 savings for a set of 4 from Summit Racing instead of the QA1s.

QA1 DD601. Cheapest I can find is $260.

Jegs 555-64910. Normally $230.

Summit Racing G773601. Normally $200

Different Spherical Bearings:
QA1s appear to come with all steel like these:

The Jegs & Summit Racing appear to come with this type:

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Re: QA1 Shock Clones

Post by freakynami » 26 Nov 2019, 12:13

I pulled one of my QA1s apart to measure it up, and I'm 99% positive mine had the composite bearings, not steel.
The JEGS ones certainly look the same, I'd give them a go but it's not my car!

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