Active projects

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Active projects

Post by aces » 01 Sep 2021, 07:38

Hi !
Looked through builders' forums, and found that there were about 19 of Midlana projects, in different phases of construction.
Where we have two that are completely finished and rolling, it would be interesting to hear from all the other builders.
If their project is on ice or if there are other reasons for the long breaks. :?:

I certainly think there are questions that we can help each other with, if it can help to kick start the project.


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Re: Active projects

Post by Midlana1 » 03 Sep 2021, 11:16

My first car took 10 years and the second 5 years. I'm guessing that it's just life intruding into people's free time, so some of the paused builds will likely start up again.

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Re: Active projects

Post by 1,8t » 12 Sep 2021, 00:08

Hello guys

As i have already stated my project will progress slowly due to lack of sparetime.
I totaly understand you Mikael, its moore fun to build togheter with friends and help each other out in the build.
My project is not dead and im hoping to make some progress the next couple of months.
The Midlana is a great way to approach a build project and with some amount of promotion it shouldnt be that hard to make moore people intrested in joining us and start building.
Im here following you all and enjoing it.
Keep working and see you around!!

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Re: Active projects

Post by Drakito » 12 Sep 2021, 11:25

I don't even have a project log going yet. I have been prepping the last year or so by buying all the tools I didn't have, learning TIG welding, cleaning up my shop so I can fit the build table in, and decluttering my entire life. The photo of the garage in the official book that was stacked floor to ceiling was basically mine. I did all my shop work in the driveway under pop up tents. Now I can pull in my suburban, motorcycles, and other toys, or have the room for the table and the motorcycles.

I've sold or given away 5-6 other projects so I can focus down on just this one. Still have all the honey do's and family projects, plus daytime temps in the 110*'s(43.3C) still, so I lowered the priority on starting my Midlana build until it cools off. YAY Desert Southwest, it's been over 100*F(37.8C) since April.

I have the shop room finally, decluttered and organized parts, all the tools now, and a good chunk of supplies to start to build my table. My industrial machine, height adjustable and rolling casters just showed up today for the table in fact. Same adjustable casters used on surface plates, mills, etc. My build table will become my full time weld/fabrication table after the car is finished, so I am going overkill on it's construction. All steel 3/8" thick top, reinforced framing, as flat as I can get it. Should weigh about 1500lbs by itself. My current 3'x5' 60lb weld table will be sold as soon as this table is done. Right now, anything bigger than the current table gets welded on the floor, which is how the big table will get put together.

Fully forged and built engine and trans are still ready to rock and just waiting on me. I start it every other week and let it run up to operating temp, then free rev a few times for about 15 minutes total to make sure it stays sealed up, fully lubed, and not corroding or dry rotting away in the zero humidity heat. Also full temp gets rid of any condensation that may have occurred in the engine block due to sudden weather changes, because it does still occasionally rain.

The biggest thing is TIME(and time=money). I work 12+ hours a day, 4 days a week at my main job to pay for life, then have all the family stuff for the next 2 days, so I only have 1 day for me and whatever project I need to work on. I think that is the killer for almost all big projects, not just Midlana. We ALL only have so much time available, even if you could work on it 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week, it would still take 8-11 months, if not a year to do solo. When I used to build custom cars for work, from the ground up it was about 5-6 months with a team of 5 to get it from a pile of parts to fully finished and either street or whatever race class legal. And those were all built on standard, production vehicles, with easy to get parts. Not like Midlana, which uses one off, bespoke parts for about 90% of the build. Midlana also has a lot more thought into safety, rigidity, and chassis tuning than most handmade cars like a locost, or Super 7, which adds complexity and time. My version will even be more complicated due to some of the stuff I want to do with it.
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