Midlana exposure

Post up your well-deserved pictures and self-congratulatory videos.
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Midlana exposure

Postby gt350pilot » 01 Dec 2017, 18:22

Once the car is back on the road and sorted have you ever considered getting in touch with Matt Farah at The Smoking Tire for a review and drive video? He is in SoCal and has done a few similar vehicles like the Specter, DF Goblin, and Exocet and generally likes these kinds of creations. Although these are more kit car in nature than a home built like the Midlana. With the exposure of a video watched by 100-500K +, I would think it would be good for book sales and would certainly help get the name out there.
I know that I was looking into the Exocet myself but the Midlana has a stronger appeal to me, thus I have ordered the book and have been going through the build blog while I can (currently at arount Page 175).
Just a thought. I have spoken with Matt a few times and he is a good guy and true enthusiast.

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Re: Midlana exposure

Postby Midlana1 » 02 Dec 2017, 13:30

I've thought about it. The thing is, because I'm skinny I used a 15"-wide seat*. He won't fit!

*May actually be 14". Midlana's been done seven years, and I've had the seats for several years before that, so that's my excuse for not being sure.

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