Dash instruments, gauges and flat panels

ECUs, lighting, alternator, starter, dash instruments, etc., we'll figure it out.
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Re: Dash instruments, gauges and flat panels

Postby Midlana1 » 24 Sep 2009, 14:00

The cracking issue is with the dash cover, not the dash itself - they're two separate pieces. Builders are free to either weld in the cover or rivet in an aluminum one. For my car it's not too late to trace the aluminum panel onto a steel panel to swap it over; I'm just busy with other stuff at the moment.

As for the dash itself, I really feel it should be removable since it makes addressing gauge or electrical issues much easier.

As for painting the welded-in dash cover a different color, no, it's certainly not impossible. However, it's not trival either. The dash cover has to get painted, then either allowed to air-dry, or the entire chassis has to be rolled into the oven. Then after it's cured, wheeled back over, the cover masked off, then the rest of the chassis painted. If you're doing the work, it slows down the process; if a shop is doing the work, they'll charge more.

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Re: Dash instruments, gauges and flat panels

Postby xero_xero » 22 May 2010, 20:40

has anyone though of disassembling an oem cluster and reassembling it behind an aluminum pannel?

i have a couple of threads about breaking down Integra cluster and reassembling it withing a weatherproof casing?

here is the breakdown of the integra cluster in a writeup with pics, you dont have to be a member to read it;

Everyone here is building One for themselves... I want to build thousands for everyone....

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Re: Kurt Bilinski's build

Postby midnight garage » 06 Jan 2012, 07:07

While searching for some nice switchgear for my own project I bumped into some nice switches sold in the UK; Savage billet aluminium switches; probably some readers already know them. I attached a few images.


In the UK these cost around $28,- , pretty expensive but nice. They are sold by Car Builder Solutions ( most of you will know them ) and some other specialist stores. http://www.cbsonline.co.uk/

I looked for alternatives and came up with these stainless steel units; also nice, good quality, without logo, but fairly cheaper, around $19,- sold by Conrad UK. They come in latching and momentary functions


While sorting out the momentary option, I found a guy in the UK ( Paul Evans from AMET services ) who produces modules that latch a momentary signal. So with one momentary switch you can control a single, dual or triple function, for instance: push the button once for low beam lights and twice for high beam; hold the switch and they will turn off again. Nice .... and it decreases the number of switches you need....
Check out his site !! He delivers this as single, double and triple action and also a combined multi module for controling several functions.

Meanwhile I'm sorting out which option I want to use .... :?

Beware; I have no connection with the suppliers mentioned above, just found these during the last weeks, while surfing the web for my own project, and thought that some of you might experience this as usefull.
Indeed as Kurt mentioned, for the USA parts from the UK could be a little tricky, but OK, if it's what you like .... for me in the Netherlands it's a lot closer and cheaper indeed...

Best regards, Jos.
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