Make sure it'll be streetable Before building it! Registration, smog checks, safety tests, and insurance. Discuss what it takes to get a Midlana on the road.
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Post by I1985 » 25 Dec 2014, 19:30

Ok, reading up on the current rules around here, I think it's a good thing I wasn't really planning on starting the building proces at this time.

Some time ago the gov decided they wanted to promote getting cleaner cars on the road. We've always had extra tax when buying a new car, called BPM, but it was always based on the value of the car. But of the last few years they changed it to being based on CO2 emissions in a few steps from the old ways. Nowadays BPM is fully based on CO2 emissions. Normally based on type approval of that car, but when that wasn't on hand they had a formula based on power in kW and weight of the vehicle. So a light and not that powerful car, like a Midlana with a basic N/A engine wasn't cheap to get on the road, but doable.

Now they demand a type approval or an official test to proof your CO2 emission (how will you know this till you get everything build and ready to go I wonder...).
If you can provide neither of those they will assume it will put out 350gr/km CO2. When this is this case, BPM would be €85743 a bargain really...

Although with a (good) test you can get it registered without paying bpm, if you manage to get CO2 below 88gr/km. I think only achievable with hybrid and electric powerplants. If I got the CO2 down to about 124gr/km it would still be around €3780 for BPM alone. At 182gr/km it already risen to €11088.

And although getting it tested and licensed in the UK and then import it here, which is the old route for pretty much all Dutch kitcarbuilders. You still need to pay the BPM. They have a reduction rate on BPM for import though, but that is solely based on the age of the car (first registered), and since the car would be getting a new register, we get to pay the full amount. That being said, reportedly getting it tested and reg'd in the UK (including transport) would cost something like €1500-2000, while over here it starts out around €3000 and some have reportedly ended up with a €7000 bill.

Sorry for ranting... but really... I'm getting more and more convinced there are a bunch of lunatics and/or apes running this country.

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