Link for Utah's Specially Constructed Vehicles

Make sure it'll be streetable Before building it! Registration, smog checks, safety tests, and insurance. Discuss what it takes to get a Midlana on the road.
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Link for Utah's Specially Constructed Vehicles

Post by ARW » 10 Oct 2010, 19:14

Here is the info I found, for my neck of the woods, as it relates to specially constructed vehicles (SPCN title).

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Re: Link for Utah's Specially Constructed Vehicles

Post by Drakito » 13 Mar 2020, 21:47

Well, in 10 years Utah has moved on quite a bit more. Current link is specially constructed vehicles
After speaking with the dmv, a locost, midlana, kimini, whatever you fab up is done this way. Keep all your receipts to show with the paperwork and photos of the process.
After the frame is inspected by a police officer, they let you pick what the car will be. So far I've had no objections from them to calling it a 62 lotus 7 ME(mid engine), mainly because they have the lotus 7 box in their system, and hyphenated sub models are just a free text area.
The officer signs the paperwork and the DMV gives you a state issued VIN plate. You mount the plate and the officer comes back out to verify it is riveted on, in the correct location and signs the final paperwork. You can then get your plates! You only have to pay sales tax on any part you installed that you didn't pay tax on to begin with.

I went through this process last year on a front end totaled 1968 ford f250 camper special long bed I turned into a 5k lb load trailer. It was cake, just a long amount of time.
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