Kurt Bilinski's build

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Re: Kurt Bilinski's build

Postby Midlana1 » 13 Jun 2018, 14:04

To finish my mini-rant on this, Full-Race finally replied, stating that:
...Inconel is a brand name and Incoloy A286 is a high nickel high chromium and high molybdenum content austenitic steel with excellent elevated temp resistance. These are all 100% supplied by Borg Warner turbo systems and rated for use with the EFR turbos....

I'm sure Inconel is a brand, but that isn't a strike against it. From my reading, Inconel contains >50% nickel and Incoloy contains <50%, so they aren't the same. Does the difference matter for turbocharger mounting studs? I don't know, but because Mazda chose Inconel studs for mounting their turbochargers, they obviously thought it was worth it, so that's what I ordered. I work in aviation and guess what our turbo manifold studs are made of? They aren't Incoloy. The Full-Race parts will be returned for my peace of mind, even though they may work fine for others.

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Re: Kurt Bilinski's build

Postby rennkafer » 13 Jun 2018, 19:24

The reason I was searching through MT.net when I starting looking into this was there was some discussion of different alloys, I couldn't find the thread (this was all 7ish years back) but I remember Andrew being pretty cagey about which alloy he ended up choosing. I'm pretty certain it wasn't A286 (which I remember being mentioned) because he thought it wouldn't work. One of the things he tried to match was the expansion rate of the manifold and turbo housings to the stud material which took a fair bit of research.

With luck the RX7 studs work great, I don't recall ever hearing about them having turbos come loose (now apex seals are another story altogether).
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