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Re: MIG or TIG

Post by DennisDoesEverything » 30 Aug 2019, 12:41

Seconding what Kurt said about AC vs DC tig for welding aluminum: I thought after I bought my top-of-line Vulcan MIG+TIG+stick welder I was "done" and could use it for any process without having to own multiple machines. Turns out I was wrong: it doesn't do AC (and I only recently learned AC is needed for TIG aluminum - chalk that oversight up to the perils of being self-taught).

I'm considering building my own 220 amp IGBT inverter to go on the front end of my DC welder. About 10-12 years ago I built a series of high current motor controller prototypes, and did a lot of research on them. An EV motor driver and an inverter for a welder are pretty much the same bridge circuit. IGBT modules have only improved since I last looked at them, and my previous experience hopefully covered all the "rookie mistakes" in designing these. I think I could build an inverter add-on for under $200 in parts.

Now what would be really slick would be to hack the firmware on the LCD display of the welder and add a menu item to select "AC" output.

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Re: MIG or TIG

Post by Midlana1 » 30 Aug 2019, 14:05

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