Lathe accessories

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Lathe accessories

Post by Midlana1 » 20 Aug 2019, 09:03

Tool height... tool: Useful for ensuring that the cutting tool is located exactly even with the center of the work. Before making this, I used the tip given to me by a machinist, just use a 6"-inch ruler pinched between the work and the tool, adjusting tool height such that the rule is vertical. Another method is to make a cut and see if it cleaning cuts off the nub right at the center of the work, and adjust it if it isn't. So why I make this tool? If the work is irregularly shaped, either or both of the above methods won't work. We'll see how useful it ends up being.

Tool holder rack:
I work in a very small and crowded garage, so every square inch is valuable. With the new lathe came a new tool post, with larger and bulkier tool holders. I finally realized that every surface has the potential to be useful, so the forward support of the shelf above the lathe became the parking area for the tool holders. Many users place them on the lathe's backsplash, but this one doesn't have that, and even after it's added, I don't want them hiding back there.
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Re: Lathe accessories

Post by rennkafer » 23 Aug 2019, 23:08

I like those tool holders, Kurt... going to shamelessly steal the idea for some of my own. :D
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