AEM CD-7 Flat Dash

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AEM CD-7 Flat Dash

Post by Midlana1 » 25 Jan 2018, 10:33

I'm not pushing their product and don't have one, but it's yet another relatively new dash on the market. The low-end model is around $1100, which makes it competitive with other dash units. The high-end one includes data logging, vehicle dynamics, GPS, and is about twice as expensive. ... h-displays

As noted in the book, $1100 seems like a lot for a dash, but a full set of VDO or Autometer gauges gets pretty close to that. Most importantly though, a flat dash allows viewing the variables that the ECU is actually using instead of a copy only used by the gauge. (Imaging having a problem with a defect engine coolant sensor, where the ECU's sensor sees one value, and the gauge sensor sees a different value. Debugging could be a real pain.)

The unit also includes a true screen editor, allowing users to do custom configurations and layouts.

Another feature of this particular dash is that it claims to be connected to ECUs solely through the CAN bus. This is a big deal if true, it makes connecting it an easy single-shot affair. If you note a bit of hesitance on my part, it's because I bought a new-at-the-time flat dash from AIM (different company) which also claimed to tap into the CAN bus. It does, but many ECU variables for some reason aren't available at the dash end, which was really annoying, but I digress.

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