Introductions, posting rules, FAQ - What is a "Midlana"? Can I build one? How long does it take? How much does it cost?
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Re: Introductions

Postby Midlana1 » 14 Oct 2017, 10:51

ChrisS wrote:Hi Steve,

Welcome to the gang. I very much doubt you could keep even an age related plate on a midlana build. I’m fully expecting a Q plate on mine. TBH, I prefer them as it makes the post IVA emissions tests come MOT time much easier.

Time to start your build thread :)

Ironically, in California you can do just that. Midlana is registered as a 1961, but I agree it's an exception to the rule.

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Re: Introductions

Postby rennkafer » 14 Oct 2017, 13:13

Midlana1 wrote:SteveH, welcome.

As of this date, no one has completed a car yet - these things take years, they just do.

Regarding the engine, yes, I think it's the Mazda 323 which uses the Miata engine in a FWD arrangement, but please confirm!

The 6th/7th gen 323/Protege/Familia could have the Miata engine. They did come with various other engines depending on market though. I looked into using the engine since I had a complete turbo Miata to start with but there isn't much available for the gearbox (in the US,YMMV) like limited slips or alternate gearsets, and given they were used in basic economy cars the gear ratios aren't the best for sporting use. Since I'm going for a very focused track only car, it didn't work for me, for someone building a more dual purpose car and/or not making a ton more power than stock it's probably fine.
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Re: Introductions

Postby ChrisS » 14 Oct 2017, 13:19

The rules here in the UK have got tighter as the years have passed. I got a plate related to the age of the donor on my last build, but only because the inspector was sympathetic. Now, it's all done centrally with strict sets of rules to follow, so there's little room left for interpretation.

For the O.P. the best way to view this would be as if it was a single donor kit like say a Westfield. That does assume you are able to use the MX5 engine though, and perhaps try to be inventive about the gearbox.... Even then, and only if you get enough 'points', you'll get a plate of the same 'age' as the donor, not the actual donor plate.

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Re: Introductions

Postby SteveH » 15 Oct 2017, 01:02

Thanks for the responses. With regard to the registration an age related plate would be nice but when it comes down to it its not that important.
I will definitely start a build thread, but at the moment all I really have to say is 'I bought the book'. First step is to make some space in the garage and then find a cheap MX-5.


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Re: Introductions

Postby gt350pilot » 14 Nov 2017, 20:17

Hello All,
My name is Don and I live in Sacramento CA. I have been a car nut all of my life, but having 2 young children that are doing their best to eat me out of house and home, my automotive adventures have been limited lately. In my past, I have restored and highly modified a number of cars and put many of them on the track. Recently have been looking for a fun car that I can drive on the street and occasionally put on the track that isn't going to break the budget. Luckily having a responsible family mobile would allow me to build something completely bonkers. To this end, I have wanted to build a car of my own design for years, but the time required to learn chassis as well as proper suspension design has been hard to come by. Also, most of the low-buck purpose built exoskeleton type cars just don't look "right". I must commend Kurt on the design of the Midlana. It looks quite nice, is properly proportioned, and reading his blog, appears to be well developed.
I will be purchasing the book to further my research and have started to look at the best donor options. I am fond of Ford stuff (SVT Focus W/6 speed perhaps?) but it is early days and I am not brand loyal having raced many makes. Also, researching the SB100 hurdles to be sure that it won't cause any issues if I proceed.
If anybody in the Norcal is doing a build I would love to come by and check out if it is possible. Also, thanks in advance for any help you all have been in this research and for your patience with any dumb questions that I may ask in the future.

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newcomer introduction + track width

Postby DavidIt » 20 Jan 2018, 09:18

hi all,

i introduce myself, i'm David from italy. the last night i ordered my book)))
about me: it's +10 years i'm a spectator in the car building field... (in kitcars, locost, welding, etc) but after a visit to Stoneleigh show last spring.. i understood i dont want a kitcar but something different, not just put the bolts in the right place.

my different way is.. try to build a Porsche RSK 718 "more or less" replica.
i'm not a speed fan anymore, i'm not a racer. i see this project as long term 3D working 1:1 model.
the idea is take a reasonably tested chassis with a flexible design and 'bend' it to the needs of the bodywork.
i already have a Subaru EJ20 (non turbo, less space needed) sitting on garage.
initially i started from the plans of a V8 Beetle chassis.. but there was some problems of clearance with gbox output and supension arm/shock. 4WD gbox have the front wheel output very close to engine flange.
now i'm thinking about start from a Midlana base. rear suspensions looks perfect for my needs and i love the idea of use MX5 parts all round instead of .. one piece from Cortina, one from BMW.. one from XYZ...

what doesnt work for me is (mainly) the track width. i need about -10 inch. 51/50 instead of 64/60. i'm not saying i want EXACTLY 51/50.. just closest as possible (IF possible).
from the pictures of the rear side i saw in my case i think is possible to cut some inch between the mountings because of the longitudinal engine.
in the front.. mmmmm.. also after read several books about suspensions geometry to me still be a black magic.

recently i saw this videos by Jim McSorley: ... esign.html
he show an empiric way to adapt the upper arm based on the lower.
any idea if this way can really work? maybe i can try to do the same.. shorten the lower arm and adapt the upper in consequence.

there are some other little problems, as wheelbase and ride height.. i found a post about ride height: suggestion was to weld brackets in a lower position.

well.. thanks for patience and have a good weekend!

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