Gave me a scare

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Gave me a scare

Postby Midlana1 » 23 Mar 2017, 07:14

Every few weeks I Google "Midlana" to see where it's been mentioned, when this turned up, I thought, oh crap, it's out, but no, it's just another likely-automated aggregator site designed to attract links - it worked because I clicked on it, but thankfully nothing's there. I know it's only a matter of time but thought I'd have a few more years.

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Re: Gave me a scare

Postby Alfalfameister » 28 Mar 2017, 23:50

I don't think a digital soft copy is out in the open; it would have to be someone who bought it and scanned it page by page (time which is better spent working on the car).

I have bought a few ebooks/pdfs that had my name on every page (so it can be tracked), and I have actually heard of someone putting a millisecond "glitch" in a DVD that is not noticeable, and said "glitch" is unique to every copy sold, and if copies were made, they could trace it to a particular purchase.

Maybe every re-print from lulu should have a unique "typo" or whatever, so if photocopies or scans were made, it could be traced? But then, tracing it is one thing (which is a copyright infringement), and stopping it altogether from spreading in torrent sites or whatever is another matter.

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Re: Gave me a scare

Postby IanR » 06 Apr 2017, 13:39

I used to make a misspelling in each copy of a sensitive document so if released I could track the source, one that would not be picked up by spellcheck ie their or there etc

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