Midlana at the track

Prepping and driving your Midlana at an autocross or trackday event.
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Midlana at the track

Postby jdogma » 12 Nov 2013, 23:00

Hi Kurt, Great results from your track day! I was confident that your suspension would require minimum tweaking at worst, and that the things you were worried about (like minimal bump steer) would be non issues. The design is well thought out and executed. You deserve great respect in the car building world. A Factory Five 818 is not in the same league from a race car design standpoint. Way to go dude!
We have not done track work on the Carma Wolf yet, but have started testing on the road. The 2 cars are very similar in power to weight. The Midlana is about 1580 empty ~ 400 whp, Carma Wolf is 1680 with fire system and laptop, est 460 whp (14.6 lb boost on Subi 3L6 - that's ~550 hp at crank). Both have better power to weight ratios that an LMP2 car - est 500 hp, 2000 lb (for 2014 they will have a 2112 lb min), or a Bugatti Veyron! Driving the other day, was going up a hill at low rpm in 3rd gear and floored it. The tires started spinning at ~4500 rpm. Acceleration is simply violent! - and wonderful! The point is, the Midlana's performance on a fast course will only be able to be fully exploited by the upper echelon of professional drivers. Those with non-professional skills had better respect the car's performance and their own limitations. Hoping to race our car in NASA's SU class in 2014 and am talking to several pro drivers...

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