Stuff to take

Prepping and driving your Midlana at an autocross or trackday event.
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Stuff to take

Post by Midlana1 » 15 Oct 2013, 14:45

This list will grow over time:
  • A couple quarts of oil
    Distilled water - antifreeze not needed and typically not allowed on track.
    Unique parts, such as fuel pump or fuel filters - anything that's not readily available that can screw you out of a fun weekend.
    Floor jack
    Jack stands
    Complete set of tools (though you don't need a complete set of wrenches or sockets if you only use certain sizes).
    Torque wrench
    Lug nut adaptor for torque wrench
    Air pressure gauge
    Tire temperature gauge
    Compressed air tank or small compressor
    Various sized zip ties
    Paper towels
    Glass cleaner
    Liquid detailer
    Soft scratch-free cloth
    Car numbers - static, magnetic, or paint-on ("Glass Chalk" or "Window Chalk")
    Safety wire
    Duct tape

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Re: Stuff to take

Post by WickedOne » 15 Oct 2013, 21:29


Radar Detector so you get there
portable Air compressor
Air Gauge
Suntan lotion
Painter’s tape
Closed toe shoes
No more than 1 donut and no caffeinated drink on the way there.

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