Keeping track of consumables

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Keeping track of consumables

Postby Midlana1 » 28 May 2014, 13:21

I have a bad habit of buying parts for project cars then forgetting what I bought. I recommend making a list of all consumables for your car, including:

1. Oil filter
2. Air filter
3. Fuel filter
4. Brake pads
5. Clutch
6. Radiator hoses (I bought ones that had the right bends but I have no idea what cars they were intended for. As a result, if and when I get a hole in a hose, I'll have to once again talk the parts store into letting me wander around behind the counter for the right bend.)

Keep the list in the car so the next time you need a filter, you'll know to say "it's for a 1963 Ford Angia" and not "it's for a 1974 Pinto" and getting the air filter and oil filters mixed up...

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Re: Keeping track of consumables

Postby bgkast » 28 May 2014, 15:05

I've been keeping a list of sources for all parts for the build for future reference. It's a very good idea, it will be tough to remember when you need to replace a part someday.

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Re: Keeping track of consumables

Postby steve » 29 May 2014, 08:19

I use an excel sheet for my build costs. Keeps track of the money spent and I also put the source of the bits, handy for when you forget where you got that nice cheap bit from..

Like this:

Date Item Seller ebay? Cost

Total Cost $$$$

Although good practice, doesn't help once the car is finished and you want to sell it on.. :D :D :D


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