Engine choices

Which drivetrain to choose, so many choices, 4-cyl? 6-cyl? NA? Turbo?
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Re: Engine choices

Postby ChrisS » 11 Sep 2017, 13:55

The consequences of using 16g 1" tubes in the Westfield is it flexes. It does't have a cage either, just a pretty useless single hoop behind your head. I suspect that in a rollover accident it would probably fold flat. Many owners bolt on a cage these days, that helps a lot with the stiffness and safety but it does add weight of course. Forgot to say, wishbones are thin ERW too.

I very much doubt I will be able to detect any flex in Midlana. Of course it'll move a bit, but it won't be much. Plus, it has a decent integral cage as well. I'm 100% happy with my choice to stick with book figures for tube sizes. If I was that worried about the weight I'd have used something other than that V6 and I'd go on a diet too, but I don't think I'd have gone for thinner tubes except perhaps for the 1 1/2" (40mm) square. I might have reduced that a bit, in fact, I nearly did, but at the final decision point I went with the book. That would have saved about 25kg.

For fun, when I'm done, I'll replace all material with 16 gauge in my spreadsheet and see what it would weigh.

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Re: Engine choices

Postby gto1973 » 12 Sep 2017, 22:03

16g is pretty thin.. I don't think id be keen on that.. not on the street anyway. I think I've sold myself on the 2zzge ill need to go to the wreckers get some weights an dimensions. I can always run some boost through it if I want some more power mwr reckon ill get 275whp before needing to change any internals at 8psi

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