"Will my drivetrain fit?"

Which drivetrain to choose, so many choices, 4-cyl? 6-cyl? NA? Turbo?
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"Will my drivetrain fit?"

Post by Midlana1 » 21 Jan 2011, 09:36

This has been asked a lot, and while I always answer, it keeps getting buried and even I can't find it.

So here's the info, made into a sticky:

The drivetrain must fit the following space, with a couple caveats:

Width: 45"
Height: 24"
Depth: 20"

Width is absolute max including engine mounts off the sides.

Height is flexible; it depends how much you're willing to allow the valve cover and intake to extend above the horizontal tubes around the engine's "shoulder line." It affects CG and aesthetics.

Depth, fore/aft. 20" as measured from the backside of the cylinder head to the firewall, and is also flexible. My engine has the intake on the forward side of the head and the exhaust on the rear, extending under a lateral cross tube. If your engine is reversed, with the intake on the rear, that tube can't be used. Also, chassis tubing is negotiable around the transaxle, where it is understood that a portion of the transaxle will extend further aft and houses the differential. This section is not part of the 20" depth - within reason.

A bigger engine can be made to work by moving the entire aft chassis members rearward to make more room. The only thing that changes is wheelbase; suspension pickup points remain fixed - relative to themselves.

Drivetrain choice is such a huge field there's a thread for that alone,

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