Would 3 seater still be a Midlana?

External options and variations: rear end mods, side vents, doors, cage mods, wings(!), etc.
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Re: Would 3 seater still be a Midlana?

Post by Greg_OR » 02 Nov 2010, 16:27

Midlana1 wrote:All I'm trying to do is provide a good foundation upon which to build, and beyond that, what you guys come up with is entirely up to you, I don't mean to stand in the way of novel ideas.
Yeah, its obvious to me and I didn't want to bother you at all as I know how focused you are completing build and book.
If it happens you could mention it in, lets say, appendix to 2016 revision of book, nothing more ;)
Making it 3 seater is just another 'mod' of the project as different engine, weather package with doors etc.
In my mind it would not affect any major areas of the project but chassis in its part.

To be honest, at first I had even more odd idea to make drivers seat movable to center position with removable passenger seat.
It would include movable pedal box and detachable steering wheel (two mounting points). :? :lol:

As for the look of the car I see it similar to some versions of side vents which were presented, but must put it down to sketch to discuss further.

And if somebody experienced says: "Hey, you will hardly feel any difference in handling because of..." I'll give up this idea.

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Re: Would 3 seater still be a Midlana?

Post by freakynami » 02 Nov 2010, 16:54

Mention of the move-able seat reminds me of the mule for the McLaren F1. The first prototype test bed (mule, Albert or Edward I can't remember which) was primarily to test the central driving position (and carbon brakes IIRC). How they did that was to buy an existing Ultima and modify the seat. They mounted the seat on a set of seat slides but 90 degrees to normal. So they could go out at night with the car looking like a normal RHD, then when they got to the twisty bits, slide the seat across to the centre. I don't remember exactly how they did the controls, and as they crushed the two mules information is scarce.

As for making a sideways move-able seat and controls pass registration / engineering requirement - that could be interesting :)

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