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RX8 / NC Miata Suspension Dimensions

Posted: 07 Jul 2017, 17:22
by Travis Garrison
So my plan is to minimize the amount of fabrication on my plate and to that end I'm going to end up heavily modifying the Midlana plans, the highlights being RX8 front and rear suspension with a longitudinal engine (yet to be determined). The deviations are probalby going to be significant enough I'm not sure you guys will want me here since it may drift a lot closer to a Palatov D2 clone than a "proper" Midlana :P

So with that in mind my first task is to get solid measurements on the RX8 hardware (which I believe is nearly identical to NC miata bits) and I though the results may be of interest to folks here.

Here are my current photos:

If you can't tell from all the chalk paint I'm playing around with photogrammetry to try and skip some of the more tedious modeling. So far the results have been underwhelming (I work with the professional laser scanning systems for work and may have been expecting a bit much). If I get anything worth sharing there I'll post it up as well. Speaking of which, what is a good way to share .stl's and .iges files on this forum when I do have the models?

In any case, maybe this will save someone else a little work. Hopefully I'll be checking back in soon with finished front and rear models.

Re: RX8 / NC Miata Suspension Dimensions

Posted: 18 Dec 2017, 10:40
by Griff51
Very interesting. Is there any great difference between model years? Do you know what model year your bits are from?

Re: RX8 / NC Miata Suspension Dimensions

Posted: 08 Mar 2018, 10:47
by Justin
Did you continue with the RX8 hubs, I am looking to use them instead of MX5. Mainly for 5 stud wheels and better brake options.