Ballpark steel costs?

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Re: Ballpark steel costs?

Postby Midlana1 » 09 Aug 2017, 10:35

The Google shows three: Steel Supply Co, Metal Supermarkets Oklahoma, and Albright Steel and Wire. Have you tried them yet?

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Re: Ballpark steel costs?

Postby ShadowCat38 » 14 Aug 2017, 04:16

Yes, and all of them seem offended at the thought of doing business with anyone at the hobbyist level. Metal Supermarkets surprised me by that, because I thought that was their business model. Maybe I just caught someone there on a bad day.

Anyway, I have been asking around with other local car builders, especially dirt track racers, and I've found a new source that Google doesn't seem to acknowledge as a metal retailer. I've been told that their prices are better than competitive, so I might be back in business soon.

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