Rose Joint Selection

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Re: Rose Joint Selection

Post by Def » 08 Feb 2017, 06:04

That's my experience too, it's typically the liner pounding out, and then the play gets excessive. I would not run the small 2 piece rod ends in a highly loaded suspension joint, as there just isn't much liner bearing capacity.

The best I've found that resist "pounding out" are the nylon/PTFE injection molded rod ends. They actually have some metal to metal contact to the ball, which makes it almost impossible to pound the rod end out when used within its capacity, and they still have smooth motion. The Viking XMR/LMR/AMR line is an example of this type (chromoly, carbon steel, aluminum bodies). QA1's XMR/EXMR/AMR are the equivalent.

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Re: Rose Joint Selection

Post by steveo » 08 Feb 2017, 11:22

Yup agreed. In fact you've got plenty of adjustment at the other end so dial it all the way in! Does mean we'll still have to disassemble the suspension to make any major adjustments, but that's easy, just slows you down a bit.

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