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Thought for the day

Posted: 11 Jul 2015, 07:19
by stankoprowski
I saw this on another site and thought it might bring a smile to the face of some of the builders.

That which is lost

Where is that thing I had just before?
It’s not in my pocket; it’s not on the floor,
It was in my hand when I answered the phone,
So round the shed I started to roam.

I’ll start at the benches and clear them at once,
It can’t be far away dam I'm a dunce.
What is this under the paper?
I was looking for this last week;
I’ll put it somewhere safer.

I’ll sweep the floor, and empty the trash,
I’ll look more carefully and not be so brash.
I’ll clean all my tools, and put them away,
I’ll finish that job, hmm another day.

Am I going mad, or losing my mind?
I’ll call Mike, or Duncan they'll say something kind.
I pick up the phone, and there it will glisten,
What is that? It’s the dam thing I’m missing

Peter Gibbs 25Oct 2013