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Tube notcher

Post by stankoprowski » 24 Jan 2015, 12:30

I borrowed this from the MC-chassis-design group. The calculator gives answers but I didn't do the layout work to check.

In his book Tony offers the suggestion to do tube profiling by making
two straight cuts with a saw vs using a hole saw or milling cutter.
Today I ran across this online calculator

which calculates the angles at which the cuts should be made. I tried
plugging some numbers in for a 1.25" OD tube with a 1" x .062" wall
(.875" ID) tube being the one that would be profiled to match and I
couldn't get the thing to work. It doesn't seem to like a lead
decimal point though having one in the middle of a number seems OK.

Then it occurred to me that while the minimal instructions were in
English, the page is labeled "Bienvenue" so maybe the programmer was
expecting input in millimeters. Then the lead decimal point isn't a
problem as no one is probably going to be profiling a tube with an ID
of less than 1mm. It appears from the illustration that the two
angled cuts are supposed to meet at the tube center line.

I have not tried that out so experiment on scrap first.

If you want templates for the kind of profiles you'd get with an end
mill Tony does still have the TubeMiter program available from his
free software downloads page. There's another program called Winmiter

and I saw reference to this calculator

I've used Rhino for making templates and I'd think many other CAD
programs could be used.

Michael Moore

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