Steering Column, and other parts

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Steering Column, and other parts

Postby Alfalfameister » 23 Mar 2017, 18:13

So, I've found the NA Miata uprights/hubs, with the 10" rotors, and complete brake assembly (brake calipers, discs, emergency brake lever and cables)

The wrecker has a steering rack, but it's RHD! (they come from Japan). I still have to source a LHD rack, but can I get the steering column? Not sure if it matters if it comes from LHD or RHD - it's just the steering column, correct?

He also doesn't have the fuel filler and tank vent assembly (he brings in half cuts), but that can be from any car, correct?

After finishing my Locost 7 (took 1.5 years; not bad), I'm itching for this mid-engine build. So far, I have:

- NA Miata uprights with 10" rotors and the other stuff above
- Toyota 2zzge engine and 6-spd LSD tranny

Hope to finish this before the end of 2018. But before starting even the first weld, want to get as much of the needed parts first. My seat will be custom fiberglass shell with some padding (hooray for cheap labor here!)

Confession: I actually do very little of the actual work; I commission it to local craftsmen, fiber glass molders, and mechanics and welders (US $10 to $25 per DAY, but mostly in the $12 range, depending on skill level). I just supervise, so I can get on with my day job.

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