Lotus Elise fuel tank

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Re: Lotus Elise fuel tank

Postby dpkilty » 14 Dec 2014, 20:50

Holley said it should hit the market in the first quarter of 2015.

Pricing should range from $150 for a smaller "sock" to $1500 for a large on that would fill a normal gas tank.

It acts like an in tank fuel pump filter sock and that's how some will mount (they said there will be numerous mounting options). One thing they did recommend was to plumb the fuel return line so it sprays the bladder. Then even if you have a starvation situation the fuel return line should still be keeping fuel supplies to the bladder. They demonstrated that by removing the bladder from the tank and only having a line spraying it. Not once did the pump suck air.

It's an amazing product but I still have my reservations as to how much fuel can be delivered in certain circumstances. Like possibly still using a surge tank in conjunction with this...

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