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The Midlana book, and links to other books and cool sites.
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Wiring Resource

Post by freakynami » 08 Aug 2016, 01:24

Thanks Kurt, if you hadn't linked to these guys, I may never have made it past the HD front page :)


I agree with you, working in the aero industry this is (mostly) how it is done for high reliability, albeit at the requisite budget point. Very interesting and helpful to see it all laid out in that way though.

I originally planned to do my harness all mil-spec components and supplies with laser marked wires, but yeah, just not worth it really. It looks like you've spliced a bunch of mil-spec wires (that pin into 38999 connectors) into colour coded "normal" automotive wire - is that the case? Was the colour coding to make life easier or was it part of an initial purchased loom?

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Re: Wiring Resource

Post by Midlana1 » 08 Aug 2016, 06:56

Yeah the colored wires are from a purchased harness. Some of the wires weren't needed so they were appropriated for other uses, but it's a double-edged sword since the laser-labeled wires are then wrong for what they're being used for.

Regarding wire colors, I'd love to have used different colors for everything but couldn't afford it. For my own wiring I use a high quality white wire, counting on pin-out drawings of the connectors to keep me from going too wrong.

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